Mar-Bill: Non-Stop

This game's anticipated release date is 09/30/2020.
1FullJustin Freeman

Mar-Bill is the world's greatest fast-rolling, sharp-shooting, high-jumping marble, and he's on a mission to collect as many tokens as possible. Why? There's no time to ask why! There are UFOs to hide from. There are Giant Misty Whales to ride. Trampolines are bouncing. Buildings are exploding. Toilets are flushing. Just get out there and collect some tokens before time runs out!

Introducing Mar-Bill: Non-Stop

Justin F. | 06/13/2020

We're only two weeks away from the release of Kabooka Bot!, but we aren't slowing down!

This week we're introducing our main Fall title Mar-Bill: Non-Stop. This upcoming game follows the adventures of Bill, a particularly fast-rolling marble whose primary objective is to make himself token-rich, even in the midst of an alien invasion.

Mar-Bill is a genre-bending contest against the clock to rack up as many points as possible. It has the feel of a rail shooter without the rails, of a racing game without racing, and of a platformer with fewer platforms and more speeding around at 100 miles per hour.

Click here to view our introductory Mar-Bill video!