Bombs Away!

Justin F. | 04/11/2020

We're still making great progress on Kabooka Bot! this week we've got a picture of the sky level, where our bot is demonstrating the power of bomb boxes. Using his arm to pick up a bomb box, the bot can then carry it with him (even when he uses his jetpacks, as shown here). Kabooka Bot has 10 seconds to drop the bomb before it explodes. In the pictures, you can see Kabooka Bot dropping his bomb box to destroy a stone, revealing a hidden prize.

Bombs are great for building puzzles because they're fun to watch, they have big power, but also present the player with some unique constraints. A bomb is timed, for instance and presents a danger to the player if he carries the bomb for too long. Bombs are also defused if they pass through water, so you have to be careful of where you carry them!

Check back regularly for more updates on Kabooka Bot! as we get ready for a summer launch date!

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