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1ShortJustin Freeman

The customs of gerbils are perhaps misunderstood by humans. As it turns out, they have a highly complex society. They're always debating the latest issues, attempting to convince one another to their side. Lately, no question has gripped them more fiercely than that of the mysterious red button. Should they press it, or not? It's a difficult question to answer, seeing that no one is quite certain of what it does, and no one alone can figure it out because it will take a weight of 3/4 of all the gerbils in the terrarium to hold it down.

The challenge then is this: can you convince an overwhelming majority of gerbils to join your cause and press the button? Or will Shadow, the black gerbil, turn the entire terrarium against you first?

Try to convince them, bribe them if you can, coerce them if you must, but whatever you do, you must solve the mystery of the button!

Coming Soon: Gerblocracy

Justin F. | 12/08/2020

Today, we are proud to announce that Gerblocracy will be available to play in early 2021, with a slated launch date of February 28th.

Gerblocracy is a turn-based strategy game which challenges players to convince a majority of their fellow gerbils to join their chosen social cause: working together to press a mysterious red button. But it won't be easy. Shadow the black gerbil irrationally fears that pressing the button will ruin life in the terrarium, and he works tirelessly to turn the gerbil population against you.

We're enjoying working Gerblocracy, and hope that you're looking forward to playing it!